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“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind, if trained well, it can create enormous wealth.” once quoted by a wealth creation guru.  As Gold Finance academy, we believe all humans have the potential to become great investors and opportunity to create and grow wealth. For that reason, the institution was established to disciple minds. The essence of the class is to build individuals, families and institutions that will participate in an economy with the intention of being transformative. Through learning, unlearning and relearning, this class has converted many of its participants to financially literate Investors, Wealth management agents and more others establishing or rebranding themselves into transformative enterprises.

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Enabling potential investors to create, grow and sustain generational wealth by acquiring pure practical economics tools.

No matter how you have battled with the idea that growing wealth is an overwhelmingly farfetched idea for you, there is a philosophy about money you will learn that will help you understand that no matter how small you may view your earnings, with discipline its possible. Many other principles and philosophies that will set you free on to the path of wealth creation journey.

Guaranteed you will see the economy with new eyes, revelations of things you have not heard before that are practically how the economic ecosystem works. Arm yourself with tools that will revolutionize how you participate in the economy.

Become an intentional participator in the economy with the aim of being transformative.

Set your children or the upcoming generation in the right footing of understanding the changing economic environment they live in.

Our Class of Investor Courses Are Suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Business & Corporate leaders,
  • F.Os,
  • Financial consultants, Coaches and advisers
  • Church Leaders,
  • Leaders in the N.G.O
  • Retirees

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  • Family class packages
  • Corporate: One off sessions or full class course. You can alternatively book seats for your staff on our ONLINE platform.

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A continuous investors mentor-ship program to help you stay accountable to your investment and wealth creation goals. We work with a panel of speakers who shares their wealth of knowledge and practical skills to help you position yourself for growth through investment and wealth creation.