To thrive in this fast changing economy, one needs to adapt to the culture of progressive learning in pursuit of wealth creation. This becomes possible when one has calibrated the balance of a good mind-set, heart set and health set. Clean Money Television, a brainchild of Gold Avenue Africa provides online content with an array of shows that offer this while focusing on the Mindset, Heartset and Healthset Facets.

We cater for aspiring audiences who are in their journey towards financial freedom as well as those who would wish to grow their wealth.

We have a variety of products which includes Business Conversations Uncensored. A round table discussion on steps to take to ensure productivity in your work, Campus Hustle, where we showcase campus entrepreneurs with the aim of celebrating them, creating visibility as well as inspiring other students to create value through provision of solutions in Africa and the World at large. Council of Coaches where our audience gets sound advice on dealing with day to day issues, CHOBBO TV and Clean Money Podcast just to mention but a few.

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