Renewable energy is one of the most important solutions to Global warming and should be dopted swiftly to stop catastrophic climate changes.
The Kenya Government’s Vison 2030 development program is to be underpinned by an increase in the current power generation capacity from 1,664 MW to 6,700 MW. As part of our transformative mission, through Makueni Power Company, we are developing a utility scale solar farm for a cumulative total of 40MW generation capacity
The solar power generation plant will deliver power to the national grid via a 20-year term Power Purchase Agreement with Kenya Power, the national utility off-taker.

We are establishing a 40MW solar power plant in 4 phases of 10MW each on a 61-acre piece of land in Makueni County, With this project, Gold Avenue Africa foresee the actualization of the sustainable development goal (SDG) no. 7 of providing affordable and clean energy as well as the creation of employment; we foresee the creation of 1,800 jobs at the inception of the project.