We are a rooftop solar company that sells cheaper, cleaner and sustainable power generated from solar. There is an energy crisis in Kenya. The crisis is not one of shortage but of high cost of power.

Electricity costs have been on the rise over the years due to numerous factors. The rise in fuel levy, fluctuation of major currencies against the shilling among other factors greatly affect electricity costs. Increase in cost of power affects the overall cost of production, this in turn affects the price of products, eats into profit margins and in most cases makes companies uncompetitive and gradually runs them into the ground.

It therefore follows that companies must not only tame the cost of electricity but also be able to predict its cost over time. Umeme City proposes diversification of sources of electricity by employing solar energy generation to complement grid electricity. Solar energy rates are not subject to fluctuations from external factors. They are lower, fixed and predictable over long-term, a characteristic that is essential to planning and growth in a company

Umeme City has 4 main products

a) Commercial Rooftop Solar;

This product is designed for institutions with energy consumption of about 100KW. This includes Big Hospitals, factories, farms etc..

b) Mid-sized solar set up.

This product is designed for companies and businesses with energy consumption of up to 50KW.

c) Domestic Solar Set up

This product is designed for individuals that need to manage the rising energy cost in their homes. An average home of 3 – 4 bedrooms home Solar installation with back up will cost between KSH 350,000 – KSH 550,000 depending on energy demands.

A combined solar PV and Solar Water heating will cost Ksh 700,000.

d) Power Backup System.

More and More people are living in apartments with shared facilities, whereby you find the roof belongs to no one. These may be owned or rented homes.

While it may not be feasible to install solar panels in such a premise, we offer power bank solutions to provide uninterrupted Power in such events.

These Solar battery banks provide all domestic lighting and sockets to power televisions, radios, laptops or computers.

Why Solar?

Solar energy provides cheaper power which is enjoyed throughout the day. During the night solar battery backup takes over. Overall savings are experienced by use of this alternative.

Solar energy greatly improves the carbon footprint. For most company’s energy use is by far the largest contributor to their carbon footprint often accounting for 50% of a carbon footprint. This is as a result of embedded carbon emission from their supply chain.

From energy independence to lowering your utility bill to protecting the plant, there are countless reasons to go solar.

Let’s Go Solar

The worlds economic model is environmental suicide according to Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General). He is calling upon the civil society to hold governments to climate action. Some countries are doing it and we only have 12 years in the world to make this changes, otherwise, it will be impossible to reverse the catastrophic events that will happen. We believe that we can do something and we want to give you an opportunity to invest in a company that that cares about our environment.  Sign up today and together we shall work towards this climate call.