Renewable energy is one of the most important solutions to Global warming and should be strongly and quickly as possible be adopted if we want to have any hope of stopping catastrophic climate change. As part of our transformative mission, through Makueni Power Plant we seek to establish a standard and world-class solar firm with the capacity to feed into the national grid, in order to support transformational projects with a social and economic impact.

We are establishing a 40MW solar power plant in 4 phases of 10MW each on a 61-acre piece of land in Makueni County, the 40MW solar will be sold to Kenya Power and Lighting Company so as to feed into the grid for a period of 20 years. With this project, Gold Avenue Africa foresee the actualization of the sustainable development goal (SDG) no. 7 of providing affordable and clean energy as well as the creation of employment; we foresee the creation of 1,800 jobs at the inception of the project.

 Makueni Power Plant is a shovel ready project seeking for private local investors and foreign institutional investors as financing partners to move the project to full implementation. We hereby invite interested and like-minded parties to come on board and partner with us, we are floating 1 million shares to local investors (private placement). The minimum number of shares for purchase is 1,000 at Ksh.1,600 per share making it Ksh. 1,600,000.

Why Go Solar?

Solar energy rates are not subject to fluctuations and other external factors. The prices of solar power are fixed and predictable over a long period of time. Solar energy provides cheaper power which is enjoyed throughout the day. During the night solar battery backup takes over. Overall savings are experienced by use of this alternative.

Solar energy greatly improves the carbon footprint. For most company’s energy use is by far the largest contributor to their carbon footprint often accounting for 50% of a carbon footprint. This is as a result of embedded carbon emission from their supply chain.

From energy independence to lowering your utility bill to protecting the plant, there are countless reasons to go solar.

Be Part Of The Big Change.

The worlds economic model is environmental suicide according to Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General). He is calling upon the civil society to hold governments to climate action. Some countries are doing it and we only have 12 years in the world to make this changes, otherwise, it will be impossible to reverse the catastrophic events that will happen. We believe that we can do something and we want to give you an opportunity to invest in a company that that cares about our environment.  Sign up today and together we shall work towards this climate call.