Active investment takes a lot of time and energy and so it cannot be treated as a part-time income generator. Reality is we all want extra income streams where we can engage passively and grow our money as we engage in our other activities.

In the recent past, reports have been released of stranded monies at the NSE worth 35-40 B Shillings this is from inherited fortunes not taken care of as well as people not having time and expertise to trade. When it comes to global trading, we have had many traders operating on their phones and lacking proper technologies like Bloomberg. Others with the potential to trade engaging largely in betting which can be refined through proper training and make them professional traders.

Liquid Gold is the platform that deals with securities management, offering Managed Accounts. Through liquid gold we have partnered with KCB Capital-the investment bank of KCB group, where we trade through their infrastructure on the Nairobi Stocks Exchange, we also collaborate with Equity Global Markets (EGM) that gives us access to trade on the global market where we trade on currencies and commodities using their infrastructure.

Investment Options

We offer a simple but secure return on investment to investors seeking a low-risk investment with attractive above-market returns, for instance, our minimum investment package is KSH 200,000 with a 16% P.A return on investment and for KSH. 1,000,000 we give a 20% p. a return on investment.

The following products are traded in both The NSE and FX markets.


1. Equity Securities.

  • Shares
  • EFT’S
1. Forex-Major currency pairs.

  • EUR/USD: The Euro and the US dollar
  • USD/JPY: The US and the Japanese Yen
  • GBP/USD: The British pound sterling and the US dollar
  • USD/CHF: The US dollar and the Swiss Franc
2. Debt Securities.

  • M-Akiba
  • Bonds (T -Bills and T -Bonds) and Corporate Bonds
  • Green Bonds
2. Precious Metal Trading.

  • Competitive pricing on stop Gold,
  • Silver
  • Platinum and palladium
3. Derivatives market.

  • Equity shares (SCOM, KCB, and Equity) traded like single stock
  • Commodities (agriculture, metals etc)
  • Interest Rates.
3. CFDS Trading.
CFD trading is all about trading with minimal risk and diversifying your trading into different global markets.
It allows you to buy or sell commodities and financial instruments without owning the underlying asset.

Benefits of Managed Securities Account.

  • You get a ROI of 13% pa for short-term call accounts and up to 20% for long-term investments (above market rates and bonds i.e. risk-free and guaranteed).
  • We trade at NSE and Global markets.
  • You have an option to invest annually or 5-year plan
  • You experience smart, transparent and professionalism
  • Assurance of our good reputation in the market

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